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My experience as a professional improv comedian and performer in tandem with my background in leadership, human resources, employee experience, internal communications, and organizational development makes me a veritable Swiss Army Knife of public speaking. I bring a spirit of Purposeful Play to each and every session I lead.

Check out some of my most popular speaking topics below.


Improv’ing Work: Exploring the Power of Purposeful Play

The best musicians and comedians know how to improvise with style, but can rule-bound business professionals and leaders benefit from employing the same skills? Of course! Have no fear - the laughs will come naturally in this low pressure but highly interactive workshop as we explore the concept of “purposeful play” and learn how adopting an improvisational mindset can transform the way you work. Full of practical improv tips and tricks used by the pros, you’ll learn how leading with “Yes, And” can help you become a better creator, communicator, and business partner.

What People Are Saying:

“Jordan’s unique and inventive way of training has truly inspired me. This was the first time I have actually volunteered to go in front of a group this size and I loved every minute of it. Jordan has a passion for his work and it shows.”

Leading Into the Great Unknown: Developing Leaders for an Uncertain Tomorrow

We are living in turbulent times. The world is changing at light-speed and despite reams of research and endless predictions, the exact future of the workplace is largely uncertain. In response, the leaders of tomorrow must prepare themselves to be ready for anything. In this humorous and insightful look at what it means to embrace uncertainty, we'll explore the skills required to survive life's twists and turns, embrace change, and develop leaders who can guide your organization confidently into the Great Unknown.

What People Are Saying:

“Jordan is a passionate HR professional with a tremendous energy for doing things that help people get and be better. As a speaker, Jordan is thoughtful, concise and direct. He engages the room through positivity and enthusiasm and ensures his message has meaning to his audience. Jordan’s desire to serve others resonates in everything he does.”



Appreciative Inquiry: Implementing a Coaching Strategy Employees Love

Be honest: when you hear the word “coaching”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? In contrast to traditional coaching methods which typically place an excessive focus on poor performance, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) uses a strengths-based approach to individual and organizational effectiveness. Grounded in positive psychology, AI provides a fresh and needed approach to employee performance by advocating for a “collaborative inquiry into the best of what is, in order to imagine what could be, followed by the collective design of a compelling and desired future state.” Learn to work in partnership with your employees, building a shared foundation of trust, accountability, and success.

What People Are Saying:

“One of the best classes I’ve been to at any conference. Jordan is a wonderful speaker with and important message we need to embrace and bring back to our teams.”

Be the Hero, Save Your Audience: Putting an End to “Death by PowerPoint”

Bullets don’t kill people; people kill people...with bullets. PowerPoint bullets, to be exact! Every minute, people around the world are being unjustly subjected to “Death by PowerPoint” – and it’s killing our capacity to learn. But eliminating PowerPoint isn’t the answer – instead, learn to embrace this time-tested tool like a close friend by leveraging 4 proven techniques to make your next presentation one to remember (for all the right reasons!)

What People Are Saying:

“By far the BEST breakout session…hands down. Here is a speaker who puts into practice what we are all trying to implement in our training - participation so his message sticks.”


Jordan is available for keynotes, workshops, panels, and customized training events.

He frequently speaks on topics including leadership, communication, culture, and helping people cultivate a sense of fulfillment in doing their best work.

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Jordan’s conference session was my favorite of the entire week! I brought back the message of ‘Yes, And’ to my family the night I got home. Thanks for a great session!
— Mellany E., VP of Training @ Planters Bank