Praise from the people

You don’t have to take my word for it…

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Jordan is a passionate HR professional with a tremendous energy for doing things that help people get and be better. When working with Jordan, it’s hard not to be in a good mood, because he always is. As a speaker, Jordan is thoughtful, concise and direct. He engages the room through positivity and enthusiasm and ensures his message has meaning to his audience. Jordan is a model of “likability” and his desire to serve others resonates in everything he does.
— Clint Clarkson, Founder @ eLearning Alchemy

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Jordan is an incredible business partner. He is always willing to share ideas and give constructive feedback. He is a creative innovator. Motivated by providing a work environment that makes people want to find a career and not just a job, he encourages collaboration and partnerships in everything he does.
— Dan Sheerin, Contact Center Director @ CFE Federal Credit Union

Jordan is one heck of a trainer.
— Anonymous Feedback Survey

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Jordan, your session was fantastic! You helped me realize that even though we are so busy pushing the next training or implementing the next project, we need to make time for purposeful play to help learners learn!
— Ginger G., Manager of Training @ Bank Independent

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Jordan is very knowledgeable, approachable, [and] detail oriented. I have encountered a plethora of trainers throughout my career. Some just repeat the memorized material from the book and some make a difference in your ability to perform your duties at a higher level and can make a lifelong positive impact. Jordan falls into the second category.
— Lilit Allison, Commercial Relationship Manager @ CFE Federal Credit Union

This training experience has been one of the greatest in my 26 year banking career! Jordan’s demeanor and disposition were always fantastic!
— Anonymous Feedback Survey
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Jordan’s conference session was my favorite of the entire week! I brought back the message of ‘Yes, And’ to my family the night I got home. Thanks for a great session!
— Mellany E., VP of Training @ Planters Bank

I have never laughed so hard in my entire life! Jordan brought the house down with his charismatic and informative presentation.
— Anonymous Feedback Survey

Jordan was a great partner and consultant to work with! He is a master of his craft and can design innovative solutions for any Leadership Development needs. What stands out most about Jordan is his strength in building long-term, dynamic relationships across all areas of the business.
— Sarah Arena, Learning & Development Manager @ Wyndham Destinations

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Jordan is a high-caliber talent development professional with a knack for developing relationships across organizational hierarchies regardless of positional authority. Due to his superior quality of work, informed perspectives, and personable attributes, Jordan is often sought after for his counsel and well respected opinions. He is an invaluable change agent for any organization looking to lead the way with its people and culture at its core!
— Alicia Hepler, L&D Manager @ Plansource

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Jordan is a true team player, always doing what is in the best interests of his employer and his peers. Everything he does is done with a smile on his face and a great attitude. He is knowledgable, patient, organized, and enthusiastic. I would absolutely recommend working with Jordan if given the opportunity!
— Leah Teeter, Marketing Manager @ FAIRWINDS Credit Union

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Jordan is a dedicated professional who goes the extra-mile in all of his efforts and has the ability to influence others in team settings in a positive manner. Jordan is a listening leader.
— Rick Bommelje, Author of "Listening Pays"