Little bite-sized morsels of goodness

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(PODCAST) HR Leadership

From HR Talk! - I filled in as a guest co-host for an episode of HR Talk! where we discuss the failures of HR leadership and what we can do to develop a stronger workplace culture.

(VIDEO) HR Fundamentals: Exploring the Power of Purposeful Play

From DisruptHR Orlando 5.0 (September 2018) - A 5-minute "PechaKucha" style talk on leveraging purposeful play in the workplace.

(PODCAST) The Power of Purposeful Play

From HR Talk! - I sat down after my DisruptHR Orlando talk (above) with Ricky Baez and JC to discuss the belief that work should actually be fun…can you imagine?!

(VIDEO) Failed It! Life Tips from a successful Screw-up

From DisruptHR Denver 10.0 (August 2018) - A 5-minute "PechaKucha" style talk on embracing failure and using it as a catalyst for change and growth.

(PODCAST) Becoming a Successful Failure

From Tattooed Freaks in Business Suits - Despite having no tattoos (and rarely wearing a business suit), I was interviewed on this podcast based on my presentation (above) from DisruptHR Denver.

(VIDEO) Improv’ing HR: The Subtle Art of Making $h!t Up

From DisruptHR Orlando 4.0 (April 2018) - A 5-minute "PechaKucha" style talk on the application of improv principles in the HR field. Listed in the Top 5 Most Viewed DisruptHR Talks for 4 consecutive weeks following the publication.

(Webinar) Flipping the Script on your coaching culture

In this 60-minute webinar sponsored by Aggregage and Reflektive, I demonstrate why flipping the traditional coaching model on its’ head in favor of a more appreciative approach can net leaders and organizations tremendous results.